This March I'm having a Spring clean in my pottery: creating space for new work and holding a Flash Sale of Moon jars. Wheel thrown porcelain spherical forms from the Year on the Ings project. Pots are decorated with glazes and motifs that reflect the seasonal changes from Winter through to Spring and early Summer. All fully glazed and waterproof - suitable for displaying flowers or beautiful when displayed singly or in small groups. .

A selection of 12 Moon jars are on sale - all with a reduction of 25% from RRP

making them a fantastic £76 (plus p+p)

For more information or to purchase please email

Plain white Moon jar (code MJW)

Simple white glaze, elegant and understated.

Decorated with a soft semi matte glaze that soflty reflects the light and emphasises the curves of the spherical form.

diam 12cm

height 10cm

Textured Matte white Moon jar (code MJWTM)

Applied slip decoration represents layers of ice and snow.

Deeply textured surface to give tactile and visual interest. Fully glazed and waterproof. - so perfect for displaying flowers.

diam 13cm

height 12cm

Textured Glossy White Moon jar (code MJWTG)

Thrown porcelain with a textural crater glaze applied to the top half. Matt glaze on base of pot. The glossy crater glaze runs softly down the pots like melting ice.

diam 13cm

height 13cm

Crab Apple Blossom Moon Jar 1 (code MJCAB1)

Pretty spherical vase thrown on the wheel. Decorated

with painterly pink Crab Apple blossom in delicate pinks

and yellow. Incised lines give an extra textural dimension.

diam 11cm

height 10cm

Crab Apple Blossom Moon jar 2 (code MJCAB2)

Thrown porcelain moon jar with delicate painterly decoration. Crab apple blossoms are depicted in soft pinks with incised lines to give texture. Beautiful when displayed holding simple flowers

diam 11cm

height 9cm

Hawthorn Moon jar (code MJH1)

The hawthorn blossom that comes out in early May is a joy - clusters of small perfectly formed white flowers with pinky/brown stamens. Here I have decorated the pot with a matte black underglaze then carved through into the white of the porcelain to create textural flowers.

diam 12cm

height 12cm

Hawthorn Moon Jar 2 (code MJH2)

A wheel thrown jar that I've decorated firstly with matte black underglaze. Once this dries, I then carve into the black surface to reveal the white porcelain underneath. I then sponge and carve the delicate flower forms adding yellow and pink stamens and pollen.

diam 12cm

height 11cm

Pink Moon Jars 1 and 2 (codes MJPS1, MJPS2)

These Moon jars have a very delicate sweep of pink glaze around the neck of the pots. The slightly larger jar MJPS1 has a narrow band of pink whereas the slightly smaller jar MJPS2 has a broader softer sweep of pink that fades into the white. The bodies of the pots are glazed with semi matte white glaze.

MJPS1 diam 10cm, height 12cm

MJPS2 diam 12cm, height 10cm

Grey Crackle Moon Jar (code MJGCr)

A distinctive crackle glaze decorates this Moon jar. The highly reactive glaze pools into tiny islands of glaze in the firing - revealing the shaded grey surface underneath. A beautiful textural surface.

diam 13cm

height 13cm

Blue Flow Moon Jar (code MJBFl)

This Moon jar reflects the seasonal flooding that occurs on the Ings land in winter when the surrounding meadows are inundated with water. Fluid sweeps of blues and greys are banded around the pot to create a watery feel.

diam 14cm

height 14cm

Black Moon Jar (code MJB)

A stunning black jar from the Midnight Sky range.

Simple matte black glaze on a simple form.

Understated and designed to make an impact.

diam 12cm

height 12cm

Pink Moon jars 1 and 2 and

Crab Apple Blossom Moon Jar 1

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