This collection celebrates the bounty of our local Ings area - where water meadows are bounded by prolific hedgerows. In the early months of the year the hedgerows spring into life and colour with crab apple blossom - so pale and delicate, and cheery hawthorn blossom. I have loved sketching these flowers and decorating pots and mugs with delicate designs. Dog rose bushes are very sparse but utterly gorgeous  with their pretty white flowers tinged with pink. As Autumn approaches and the flowers fade the hedgerows become laden with abundant fruits : golden yellow crab apples that I gather to make crab apple jelly and bright jewels of rosehips that make delicious rosehip cordial. 

Moon jars are available with Hawthorn blossom, Crab apple blossom or Rose blossom designs. Price £90

Mugs are available in crab apple, rosehip and rose blossom designs.  Dishwasher safe Price £22

Hedgerow collection