Over this year I have been observing and sketching the seasonal changes on our local Ings - flood meadows of SSSI. With less emphasis on exhibting at shows there's been more time to reflect on the importance of Nature to my work and to represent the seasonal changes in the form of moon jars - with an attitude of apprecoation and gratitude.

White winter moon jars have a milky glaze or deeply textured surfaces in response to extreme temperatures and the whiteness of snow and ice. As ice melted into rising flood waters I began to encompass a fluid line around the belly of the pots - like the changing flood line.  

Gradually Spring arrived and brought with it welcome Crab apple blossom - delicate pink buds that open and fade to creamy white. May saw Hawthorn blossom in abundance - I love the contrast of these cheerful flowers carved or sponged from a dense black matt glaze.  

The project will continue through High Summer, Autumn and return back to Winter in due course. 

A Year on the Ings moon jars