Pairs of wheel thrown porcelain Moon Jars that nestle together. These pots started as a desire for more close contact with loved ones - the need to be physically close as well as on the internet! The pots have indents where they are carefully pressed into each other whilst still soft, making a well connected pair. The smaller pot has an indent too. 

Display them snugly tucked up together or as individual pots. 

White Connections Moon jars have subtle variations in finish. Decorated in a satin white  glaze with a glossy glaze that catches the light and emphasises the shoulders of the pots.

Flood Connections Moon jars have sweeps of fluid blue/grey glaze. Inspired by slow moving winter floodwaters on neighbourings Ings, these pairs of pots have multiple layers of watery glaze that cling to the contours of the pots as it fluxes in the kiln.  

Display in pairs - connecting or standing close, can be used as vases.  

Connections Moon Jars

  • dishwasher safe