Make this delightful little hare that sits and gazes wistfully at the moon.

This class uses air drying clay – so no kiln required.

I will guide you through the stages of making the hare. We start with two balls of soft air drying clay and make two identical thumb pots – also often called pinch pots. I’ll teach you a how to ensure you make two perfect pots with even walls and a flat rim. These fit together and join to form the hollow body of the hare. Then it’s a little gentle modelling to make the sitting body shape. After this we add the legs – long back legs with protruding hip joints and huge floppy paws and smaller front legs that tuck in - so the hare looks ready to bound away at a moment’s notice! I have some super techniques for making very realistic eyes and ears that will add the finishing touches to your hare – plus a little fluffy tail.  After the model has dried out – either by leaving for a day or using a hairdryer if, like me you’re too impatient to wait!, I’ll demonstrate how to paint the brown fur and huge dark eyes and ears with pale rims.There’s a lot of scope to use your own creativity in this class by making a realistic looking hare – or a very stylised Disney type one with exaggerated features. Both very endearing.

Online workshop Make a Moon Gazing Hare