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A new range of unique hand built sculptures - deisned to make a statement centrepiece. 


I carefully make masses of small porcelain tubes that I taper at the end to a fine point. The rims are pinched and stretched to wafer thinness. The tubes are then joined together using small pads of clay as the bridges. I am aiming to encapsulate the point of balance that lies at the crux of the downward energy of the pointed base and the upward energy of the flared tops - the Still Point. As with plants and people, the sculptures represent the need to be securely rooted in the ground in order to rise and grow. 

For a touch of luxe I paint the Gold Grounded sculpture with 24 carat gold lustre that requires a separate 3rd firing. 

As the tubes are sealed the sculptures can be used to display flowers. 

Available in different sizes - please email for specific dimensions. 

Grounded sculptures

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