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A new collection of sculptural forms, each unique piece is formed from tubular sections joined together to create a stunning centre piece. Multiple sections are carefully built by hand using white porcelain. By applying small bridges of clay I join these together to create unique sculptures. I concentrate on the downward energy or force of nature - grounding to the tubes on the surface. Other are suspended like shoots . All the tubes encapsulate the upward surge of energy - like plants seeking the light. Rims are pinched finely and often highlighted with a sweep of softly bleeding oxides. Forces of Nature pieces create interesting positive and negative spaces where the tapered roots graze the ground. Glazed inside and out they can be used to hold flowers or candles and are hand washable. 



The individual tubes are sealed enabling the sculptures can be used to display flowers. 

Sizes and prices 

small - 7 tubes -  12 cm width 15 cm height £160

medium - 16 tubes  -18 cm width 20 cm height £ 200

large - up to 25 tubes from £300 dimensions /prices on application

Each piece is made individually by hand sizes may vary


aerial view

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