In Person and Make at Home workshops 

In Person workshops are held at my small rural pottery in a garden gazebo if the weather is kind or in my open sided pottery during cooler months. If you live locally you can choose to do Click and Collect whereby you collect all the materials from my drive, make at home and then return your work to me for firing.
Alternatively I have a box system whereby I post out all the materials and instructions to make your work at home following a pre-recorded video or instruction sheet. 
In Person workshop       LEARN TO THROW ON THE WHEEL 

Sample for yourself the joy of using pots that you have made with your own hands.


In a 3 hour lesson I will take you through all the stages needed to throw a bowl or vase on the wheel.  You will learn how to

centre the clay

cone the clay - to condition it

open up the ball of clay

form the base

pull up the wall of the pots


3 hours session - will be able to make 2-3 pots 

full day session - you will make 4-5 pots perhaps adding a handle to make a mug



3 hour session - £90

full day session - £175


Lessons are 1:1 or 1:2 if you'd like to come with a friend . This ensures you have expert intensive tuition.  A session with 2 people has a special 20% reduction so it's fun and affordable. Just head to the SHOP to buy or email me at 

No experience necessary - just enthusiasm. Please bring a mask to wear whilst throwing and an apron. 

Lessons are arranged at a mutually agreed date and time, just email to discuss and book a workshop.








throwing .jpg
In Person workshop      MAKE A WALL PIECE

In this session we work together to create a beautiful wall piece of your favourite landscape. I will teach you three techniques for creating textures in porcelain 
sgriffito, carving and applying thick slip.
Armed with this knowledge you will roll out a porcelain tile and then apply your design onto the leatherhard surface. Ceramic stains, oxides and glazes are applied to give colour and a glossy finish. The tiles are then fired in the kiln and can be framed and mounted to hang on the wall. 
An alternative to the framed tile would be to make a personalised house nameplate to hang on an outside wall.  
3 hour session £90
Full day  £175
This session can be 1:1 or be for a small group - discounts apply for 2nd person and small groups.  


kate 2_edited.jpg
Sharp Reflections 300.jpg

In Person workshop     HAND BUILDING
For those who would like to learn how to model and animal or make a set of plates or even a Green Man for the garden this is the workshop for you. In fact if you have an idea of what you'd like to make just email me and I'll figure out a way to make it happen! 
3 hour s £90
full day £175
Available as a 1:1 session or for small groups - discounts apply for 2nd person or groups. 

glazes and coloured  stains


Create beautiful objects for your home and friends without a kiln! Air drying clay is perfect for home projects where you can't get to my pottery and want to be creative. Join up with friends for a fun creative session.

candle holder 3.jpg
2 candle holders lit jill_ford_ceramics.
Make at Home workshop     TWO PIERCED CANDLE HOLDERS

In this online workshop I take you through the stages of making two pretty candle holders. The workshop uses air drying clay - no need for a kiln - so it's perfect for this home project. The candle holders have a shiny metallic gold finish on the inside that glows when the candles are lit - perfect for creating a lovely ambience on an evening. The pierced hole design allow light to flicker through, make the heart design or create your own.

 Workshops can be great ways to connect with friends and family and make something together. 
Available as a pre-recorded video Cost £45 plus p+p   

​How does it work?

  • place your order - click on button below or go to SHOP

  • I send a box of materials to your door , including the clay and any specialist tools and materials

  • gather a few household items together  

  • click on the video link using the password I send in the box and you're away!

  • for Live zoom calls I'll offer dates via email - minimum 3 people required, numbers restricted to 8

  • make, decorate and paint your ceramic piece

  • light candles and enjoy!

Using clay and working with your hands is a brilliant way

to get creative. and feel inspired. 

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What you get in the box
wooden batts for rolling out
sticky label
white acrylic paint
gold metallic acrylic paint
step by step guide and extra notes
p&p delivered to your door 

link to exclusive youtube video or Live zoom call date tba

What you'll need from the kitchen
a former - this is a straight sided pot - I give notes to help you select your former 
paper, pen, scissors
pot of water , sponge
rolling pin
mat - tea towel is good or a wooden cutting board

candle holders workshops cropped.jpg
Make at Home workshop   MOON GAZING HARE

Make this delightful little hare that sits and gazes wistfully at the moon.

This workshops uses air drying clay – so no kiln required. I will guide you through the stages of making the hare.  I have some super techniques for making very realistic eyes and ears that will add the finishing touches to your hare – plus a little fluffy tail.  After the model has dried out – either by leaving for a day or using a hairdryer if, like me you’re too impatient to wait!, I’ll demonstrate how to paint the brown fur and huge dark eyes and ears with pale rims.There’s a lot of scope to use your own creativity in this class by making a realistic looking hare – or a very stylised Disney type one with exaggerated features. Both very endearing. All materials delivered to your door .

This workshop is delivered via Live Zoom call - link and dates will be sent in your box with all the materials you need. min 3 people - maximum 8 people

Order below or visit SHOP

Price £45

Moon Gazing Hare Jill Ford Ceramics.jpg
Moon Gazing Hare 2 Jill Ford

What you get in the box
brown acrylic paint
black  acrylic paint

white acrylic paint for highlights
p&p delivered to your door 

step by step instruction sheet

link to exclusive Live Zoom call - date to be arranged

raw clay hare head.jpg

Hare head in progress 

in the raw clay

CLICK AND COLLECT WORKSHOPS                       

Click and Collect workshops are ideal for people who live close to my pottery in Ellerton  (YO42 4PB) and can collect their work.  I supply all the materials you will need, a step by step worksheet  So you can be creative, make beautiful ceramics you can use everyday, all in the comfort of your own home. 

This service has no direct contact involved so all within official Covid guidelines.  Delivery is an optional extra. 

How does it work?
  • choose what you'd like to make - a textured jug, 3 small plates or Green Man

  • email Jill

  • collect your pack from the box in my drive

  • make your masterpiece at home -we chat on a video call then you return your work

  • I bisque (first) fire, glaze and then glaze fire your work

  • you collect  from my drive - or I can deliver or post finished pots

Cost £45

textured jug
three small plates
Green Man plaque


Here are a few words from Kira who did the small plates workshop 

           I had the best Sunday since lockdown, so happily engrossed in my plates. It gave me such respite from

       the horrors of Covid and this last year. I cannot thank you enough. Everything was perfect, the materials,

       the clay and the instructions, all really great.

Can't collect/deliver work? No worries!

I offer local delivery - within 15 mile radius of YO42 4PB.  Cost £5 per trip

The Materials pack can be posted out and also finished work can be posted. Cost £5  

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