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Barkers and Daughter collaboration

Updated: May 22, 2020

Three female artists bound together by family and creative genes presented a fresh mix of paintings and porcelain.

Creativity is an important part of my family. Mum worked as a colourist in one of the first commercial studios, tinting colour onto sepia photographs. My sister Linda Barker is a well known interior designer with a sophisticated natural style. Another sister Sally Barker is a sculptor and ceramicist and Jayne - the eldest is a gardener. The youngest of the siblings, my brother Ted, can turn his hand to making literally just about anything that requires wood, metal and several power tools.

So it's a great joy that my daughter Rowen is also a successful ceramicist. She makes stylish contemporary porcelain mugs and bud vases using slip cast porcelain sleek - an everyday luxury.


“ Putting together a show with Linda and Rowen was a delight. We placed work on mantlepieces, rough kitchen tables and even on the snooker table. It gave a fresh look to see my pots in informal arrangements with other porcelain and paintings."

In May 2019 Linda, Rowen and I put on a show together at Linda's partly refurbished house. We stacked tables, radiators and half plastered walls with mine and Rowen's porcelain ceramics and Linda's paintings of flowers and ponds. I loved the juxtaposition of shabby faded surfaces and crisp clean porcelain. We welcomed in visitors who stayed to browse the artwork, relax over tea and cake and explore the house. A brilliant attraction one day was Ellie Ford's beautiful performance on harp. Everyone enjoyed the informality and we made lots of new friends who are keen to come again at the next At Home event.

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