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Reflections on a year on the Ings

2020 was a year of great changes, packed with both tragedy and opportunity for many people. Amid the insecurities of the pandemic one of the things that gave me comfort and reassurance was the constancy of Nature - the reliability of seasonal transitions. 2021 heralded a welcome renewed optomism, a determination to appreciate and be more closely involved with the natural world. This evolved into a desire to chronicle the year and seasonal changes in the forms of mugs and Moon jars, responding to the familiar yearly cycle and the keenly anticipated arrival of my favourite trees and wild flowers.

The harsh winter of snow and ice of winter came and went - bringing a wash of meltwater and floods to our local Ings - an ancient word for Flood Meadows. As the water subsided we celebrated Imbolc- early spring and my pots were filled with fluid watery glazes and softly bleeding colours that formed the waterline.

Flow Moon jars

Moon jars are spherical in form, the larger ones being constructed from two identically thrown semi spheres that are joined together, and the smaller ones simply thrown in one. The curvaceous forms characteristically have a full belly, narrow foot ring and slightly wider neck. Throwing them in porcelain requires practice and skill and is quite a challenge when the larger ones reach 25 cm diam.

Mid winter Moon jars

I've been unashamedly seduced by the delicacy of crab apple blossom, it's a completely new venture into the world of colour and petals. Crab apple pots have flamboyantly painted petals that flow over the surface , with delicate blushing pink edges. Some are decorated without using lines - relying on sponging to remove the black layer to reveal the white porcelain underneath and added layers of textural detail using my trusty flexible kidney tool.

Crab apple blossom moon jar

May blossom pots have a dramatic black underglaze background -dense, opaque and shiny - into which I have carved the pretty little flowers, exposing the white of the porcelain underneath.

The crisp five petalled flowers are highlighted with carved stamens and dots of pollen.

May Blossom moon jars

Floral themes will continue through into high summer. I'm anticipating cornfields, poppies and pots reflecting the heat of summer, then transition to the abundance of autumn and arrive eventually back in winter.

This new diverse body of work exemplifies my appreciation and gratitude for our wonderful, inspiring natural world and I hope you enjoy viewing it.

All pots are individually thrown on the wheel from fine white porcelain, each piece is unique.

Mugs are dishwasher safe, and designed to be a little luxury that can be enjoyed every day. Moon jars can be used as vases or displayed simply on their own or in groups.

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