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New Moon Jars - a departure

This iconic Korean Moon jar exemplifies a host of beautiful ceramic qualities

simplicity of form

subtlety of glaze

understated glaze


Traditionally, the moon jar is made from two thrown semispheres of porcelain carefully joined together to create the shape of the full moon. The milky white glaze too is reminiscent of the moon. I have been enjoying the challenge of throwing large balls of clay - around 6 Kg per jar, the exactitude of joining the two halves and the acceptance of imperfections.

White moon jar - small £120 Black Crater glaze Moon jar - large £185

My small moon jars are thrown on the wheel in one piece and have the same full round form. Satin white or black glazes are applied for the plain surface jars to accentuate the curvaceous lines.

Pink Blush jars have a subtle sweep of palest pink around the neck.

At the same time as developing new forms, I have been busy researching new glazes. This has proved very fruitful as I've discovered recipes for all kids of textural special effect glazes that have additions of volatile ingredients to make them bubble ad craze. What might be discarded as a fault to some becomes an eagerly sought after effect. It's an exciting and often surprising process and each kiln opening feels a bit like Christmas.

Midnight Sky large Moon jar £185 Black Crater glaze large Moon jar £185

Moon jars are available in 2 sizes

large - up to 20cm diameter, price £185

small - around 12cm diameter., price £120

Although traditionally used as domestic vessels I think they look beautiful displayed singly or grouped in collections, and can be enhanced with a simple twig or stem of blossom.

Pink Blush small moon jar £120

See more in the Shop.

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